Frequently Asked Questions

Niramay is neither an old age home nor a senior housing colony. In fact, we believe that senior living facilities and nursing homes aren’t the only options for elder care services. At “Niramay Ageing In Place” we provide holistic eldercare solutions at home offering convenience, safety, wellbeing and quality services. The Senior citizens live in the comfort of their own home and we help them get access towards fulfilling all Personal, Emotional, Social and Health Needs. We offer exemplary service through a highly competent and experienced team of service providers.

As the name suggests, “Niramay Ageing In Place” provides personalized, high quality care solutions to our elderly members at their own home either through a simple phone call to dedicated care managers or via our web-based platform. Our comprehensive plan includes age appropriate home remodeling, healthcare, leisure care, daily care, safety and communication. At Niramay, our objective is to simplify the daily life of seniors and make it smooth and hassle-free.

Although Niramay Comprehensive Plan and solutions have been designed keeping senior citizens in mind, they are available to anyone who needs them, irrespective of age or gender. If you would like to avail of our services and you think you’ll benefit from them, we’ll be very happy to talk, understand and serve you.

Niramay Ageing In Place membership is for an elderly household and our comprehensive plan can be availed of by a single senior living alone or by a senior couple living together. In the case of the latter, both individuals will be included in one single plan.

Yes. ‘The beneficiary member(s)’ must be an elderly adult/senior citizen. While ‘The proposer member(s)’ must be an adult as per Indian majority act 1875 – i.e. 18yrs+.

Niramay Ageing In Place solutions are available only to our members and hence can be availed only by subscribing to our comprehensive care plan. Membership allows us to understand and know the customers well, earn their trust over time. However, we also provide a la carte services (e.g. Age appropriate home remodeling, Home nurses and maids) for long-term requirements. Please reach out to discuss your situation in more details.

We strictly follow all COVID safety rules, regulations, procedures and hygiene majors as prescribed by the Municipal Corporation of Pune, Government of Maharashtra and the Government of India. We brief our beneficiary members prior to each scheduled visit and share news, announcements for awareness.

Our health network is extensive and spread across Pune. We partner only with well recognized and reliable service providers – Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dementia specialists, Diagnostic Clinics, Ambulances and other support services. Niramay offer exemplary service through a highly competent and experienced team of service providers. Our Care Managers coordinate your care with these appropriate service providers and bring hassle-free Health Care at home for your loved one.

Yes. Upon becoming a member, your parents will go through a master health checkup as initial assessment, which is a part of the comprehensive membership plan. The diagnostic reports will be stored electronically for easy access and reference in future. Apart from this, our team of Architect & Physiotherapist will perform a detailed home inspection from health, safety and accessibility point of view. Post inspection, the Niramay home team would give a detailed report with observations & recommendations about age appropriate remodeling.

Yes. Every beneficiary member household will have a dedicated care manager, a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for accessing all the solutions provided by Niramay. Our care managers are carefully handpicked from a huge pool of qualified caregivers. That’s because we strongly believe that care giving is not just about knowledge and skills, but also about personality, attitude and commitment. Our care manager can be contacted via phone, WhatsApp, or email. You can contact your care manager as often as you want, even multiple times a day. He/she’s always at your service, and happy to help you solve anything that’s troubling you.

Our Care Manager visits once in a week as per a pre-scheduled calendar and makes regular phone calls. This allows us to assist your parents’ routine requirements and to stay alert about their well-being. The Care Manger maintains Electronic Medical Records (EMR), which will be helpful in emergency situations. In addition, a point of contact he/she aids in daily care, convenience and emotional support to the elderly staying alone.

Yes. We carry all necessary background checks, identification documents (KYC) etc of care managers before appointment. We offer exemplary service through a highly competent and experienced care team that conducts regular training and audits ensuring high quality service.

We offer exemplary service through a highly competent and experienced team of service providers. Unlike local maid and delivery agencies, we have a professional team and a good infrastructure with significant investment in technology and people. In addition to our 24/7 Emergency Helpline, our office is staffed from 9 am to 7 pm to handle issues and concerns (other than Sundays and public holidays). We have a system of checks and balances that closely monitor Niramay Members frequently. Innovations like Niramay Care Teams, frequent customer calls, close oversight of nurses and deliveries, working with trusted partners – all improve our professional services.

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Within 3 easy steps you can become a member.
Step 1 – Register with us on our website or send an inquiry or contact us and we will get in touch ASAP.
Step 2 – We will share and explain the ‘Comprehensive care plan’ that is crafted to keep you stress-free.
Step 3 – We listen, discuss and agree to sign-up the annual membership and welcome you and your elderly loved ones to the ‘Niramay Community’

We accept the payment in INR but one can do remittance from anywhere in the world in respective local currency i.e. USD, SGD, GBP, AED etc. We accept online payment through net banking, RTGS, SWIFT or direct bank transfers.

We provide certain privileged services as the part of comprehensive care plan. However, if our member requires additional services then he/she can simply raise a request online from personal account. Our care manager will help coordinating the service for member’s convenience. We encourage our members making direct payments to our third-party service providers for transparency and fair accountability.

Yes. We take care of all required emergency protocols as per the personalized emergency plan prepared for each beneficiary member, including calling ambulance and coordinating the hospitalization.

Not at all. Our objective is to be there for our beneficiary members whenever they need us, in whatever form they need us. We are not trying to disrupt whatever is already working well for you. We’re happy for you to stick with your current doctor or lawyer or CA or any service provider that you are happy with. If and when you are stuck or need emergency assistance or late-night medical consultation (in case your regular doctor is unreachable), we will be there to coordinate and assist you as per emergency plan.

No because, we curate a personalized care plan and ecosystem of various eldercare solutions around each beneficiary member. It includes but not limited to customized emergency plan, a dedicated care manager, master health check-up, EMRs, home inspection and more. Hence, the household requires to avail an annual membership but yes, we understand your concern. Ultimately, service must be experienced to be trusted and valued. We urge you to not believe us, instead become a member and see for yourself!

Niramay Ageing In Place is not just a senior citizen service provider. We are pioneering safe and healthy “Ageing In Place” in India. That's why our approach to eldercare is different. First and foremost, we transform homes and make them “age appropriate and secure”. Besides, we offer Niramay elder care at home solutions right from convenience support, help with daily chores, happiness activities, technology integration for safety, regular health monitoring, access to verified services and much more. This all can be simply managed at fingertip from our member’s personalized account from Niramay’s web-based platform, sitting at beneficiary’s home in Pune or anywhere across the world by his/her kids. Niramay has been set up by people just like you who have faced practical Home Care related problems like you have. Using best-in-class processes and protocols we bring Pune’s trusted care network to your doorstep. Our services are managed by trained, trusted, graduate-level Care Managers who work hard to coordinate care for your loved one.

Aging process makes the body weak and vulnerable to many diseases. It causes a lot of deficiencies, and malfunctioning of certain glands, and organs. When put on a periodic doctor’s visit, it helps to constantly evaluate the health of the parent, as the doctor might know the previous record of the parent and can be able to offer preventive care. Physiotherapists know the pain points and can be able to identify the musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiovascular problems of the parents. The Physiotherapists will also be identifying the strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and pain levels of the patients. A periodic visit of physiotherapist would offer a general geriatric screening and suggest proactive fitness measures.

Far from it! We are Niramay – India’s pioneering ‘Ageing In Place’ solution providers. Set up by senior professionals from Homecare and Healthcare domain, managed by retired veterans from Indian Army and banking sector, Niramay Ageing In Place is a social enterprise. Niramay strives to bring professional and holistic eldercare solutions at home to families struggling to find responsible and efficient services for their loved ones living alone. Our approach to eldercare is different because we believe our parents deserve better at their own homes! First and foremost, we transform homes and make them ‘age appropriate and secure’. Besides, we offer personalized care solutions at home ranging from convenience, health, leisure, safety and communication. ‘Niramay Ageing In Place’ has a senior-user friendly and transparent technology platform offering curated services for elderly at their fingertips.

Your family doctor prescribes relevant medication, appropriate tests and dietary instructions. But if he/she wants to discuss the specifics of your eldercare at home, we would of course be delighted to work with him/her and improve the care outcome for you.